Home Visual Arts The Sleek set turn up for Albert Watson at Milk.

The Sleek set turn up for Albert Watson at Milk.



Photography by David Victor Rose.

If you are in the business of gawking at sleek looking children with perfect jawlines and too high cheekbones we certainly hope you were in attendance this past Thursday night over at Milk where a beguiling crowd turned up to celebrate alongside master photographer and fashion scion Albert Watson as he unveiled his photo collection courtesy of Macallan – who happened to be the sponsors and the subject of the work.

As Watson reiterated he had perceived this particular body of work  in two parts. The first part- akin to that of a holiday snapshot of a young heroic (too photogenic- can one say that kids?) couple whose cheekbones hurt the sun as it glistens upon them as they take in the northern Spanish terrain- as if on a holiday (and incidentally where Macallan likes to acquire its oak barrels which are soaked in a cherry liquor for 2 years before being emptied and filled with the Macallan nectar you were all seen imbibing that evening…). The second part were more intimate portrayals of his subject in Scotland (where Mr Watson hails from and where by he arrived in NYC in 1970) where the process of distilling Macallan whiskey takes place.

Albert Watson