Home Scandal and Gossip Killer set to inherit fortune from the woman he murdered.

Killer set to inherit fortune from the woman he murdered.


Does crime really pay?

When Brandon Palladino gets out of jail 23 years from now he stands to inherit the sum of $431 000, money willed to him from his victim. How you wonder? Let’s take out our law books and find out….

huffpo: After Dianne Edwards was killed, her will left everything–about $431,000–to her daughter, Deanna Palladino, the wife of convicted murderer Brandon Palladino.

Deanna was never charged in connection to the crime. After she died this February, she left everything to her imprisoned husband.

A strange state of unintended series of affairs and as morally repugnant that it is that Mr Palladino stands to receive the money, should one wish the courts at this stage intervene and re address the will and if so, what does this say about the integrity of the law, never mind the perverse affairs of the consequences of this crime?

“It’s not justice. I don’t understand how he can profit from a crime,” said Donna Larsen, Edwards’ sister. “It’s an outrage. He can’t have that money — it’s just not right. It’s ludicrous,”

Ludicrous or not, wouldn’t it be more ludicrous for the state to now step in and administer that money and what pandora’s box would that open? Then again, we’re willing to bet that Dianne Edwards must be turning in her grave.