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Is Ted Williams a homeless bum, the new radio voice of America?



Can a former radio announcer resurrect himself?

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Jan 12 2011

Ted Williams wants to show you exactly where his daughter punched him.

Update-Jan 7

Yes it’s true- Ted Williams is more popular than Susan Boyle ever was.»

As Ted Williams openly acknowledges, radio is theater of the mind– which if he plays his cards right should exact himself a theatrical resurrection of his career. 

 Which raises the idea the next time you look at a homeless man, don’t be surprised if he or she turns out to be an ex astrophysicist or derivatives trader, although something tells us the average person probably has more sympathy for someone who’s voice can make you melt in the snow. Not that sympathy ever mattered in America…


Update: telegraph.co.uk:

Columbus radio station WNCI is reported to have booked him to appear tomorrow morning and says ESPN and MTV have expressed interest.

The Ohio Credit Union League has also offered Williams $10,000 (£6,470) for voice work, according to The Columbus Dispatch

We reckon that should put a smile on a whole lot of people’s faces, especially Ted’s! Ps- Let’s hope Ted still sounds half as delicious now that he cut those long locks of his. Oh why Ted….?!!

To hear Ted’s silky voice, listen below.

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  • One day when Ted is strutting his old stomping ground he will pause and wonder as a camera crew comes running up to him, shoving Dr Feel Good idealogy in his face and a tin can of recording deals before turning the other way and quickly running in the direction of hell. At least in between the swigs life will make complete sense until the bottle suddenly finishes. But why be a hero if you’re not prepared to pay the toll fare?


  • Scallywag got owned! Great story for him and everyone positively affected by his triumph. Alissa knows what’s up.

  • FuzzyT

    Such a feel-good story. I wish him the best of luck with everything!!

  • Howie

    I want him on Sirus XM Radio! I would love to meet him sometime!

  • Alissa

    Your post made it sound like only Americans suffer from a lack of empathy or sympathy and the outpouring that’s been showered on this man proved you wrong. I don’t know why the media is suddenly so negative and cynical about Americans but I think you’ve poisoned yourselves into thinking that the other side of the world is somehow so much better than what we have here. The truth would shock you to learn otherwise.

    This one man’s life changed thanks to the goodness and generosity of others. Instead of always looking for a negative spin and complaining about how that love isn’t applied universally to all homeless people, we should celebrate that we were able to help at least one of them who just needed a break to get back on his feet.

    Being a good samaritan can be contagious, there’s no telling how many people have been inspired to Pay it Forward after hearing about this story. I have no doubt that this will positively affect many other people connected to Mr. Williams.

    Food for thought, Scallywag.

  • Let’s see if the next man who happens to be down and out on the street gets the same attention as our beloved Ted. I only wish the love was universal- but in the logistics of being human that would be an insurmountable feat- food for thought- Alissa. – The Editor.

  • Alissa

    quote- “Not that sympathy ever mattered in America…”

    I don’t get your cynicism. Millions of Americans are flocking to watch his video and wish him nothing but the best. The comments on YouTube are full of “Give this man a job!” We all have our talents and hard times can fall on anybody. I’d say Americans are lot more sympathetic, and certainly generous, than you’ll ever know or give them credit for.

    Go back to putting your head in the sand.

  • I was once homeless until I met my wife at a job where we worked together. It was a rough road living in the street. Now we have a voice over business together. Even with a background as a radio broadcaster, and my wife as a former actress, we have not had offers like this fellow. My advice to Ted is to seize the moment bro! RickBladeVoiceovers.com and MonaLisaVoiceovers.com

  • We agree Emily. Let’s hope more people like Ted get the break they deserve.- The Editor.

  • Emily

    Congrats to him on being two years sober. This is a great story, a much-needed change from all of the negative news stories we hear everyday. His voice is awesome. Not only would he be a great radio personality, but he’d be one hell of a movie narrator. I hope he finds a well-paying job.

  • Ray

    It’s AWESOME to witness this as it’s ongoing. I’m listening to the morning radio show guys in Ohio go crazy. The Today show is there and it’s awesome. I’m so happy for this guy!

  • This man has a fantastic voice. I hope he’s able to return to radio with a job offer.