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Isn’t it time you also caught your wife cheating? 3 times a charmer.


Love is in the air...

Are you ready to share your love life breakdown on facebook?

Oh dear, so much to be in love, and so much pain not to be in love, or rather loved the way you wish you could be….

This comes courtesy of Jason Wheelington, who it seems isn’t having a good year.

And for those of you keen to read some of the juicy facebook reactions, read below the delightful youtube video, or to get the full version of responses, which is growing minute by minute go here

dmagazine: Wheelington says he has stage four cancer and that three times he has caught his wife cheating on him with an SMU law student. The video, purportedly, is of Wheelington confronting the couple in a parking garage at SMU. I say “purportedly” not because I don’t believe it; I just haven’t verified any of this with the other parties involved.

One day when Jason is walking past the parking garage, he will think to himself- ‘love is like a used vehicle, sometimes it works like the way the sales man promised it would, and then again sometimes it just breaks breaks down in the middle of the freeway…’

Let’s hope Jason’s knuckles heal soon…

Some highlight reactions from Jason’s friends after he posted the video to his wall…ps- pay attention to the very last comment.

  • Wow… what a slut. How long before the groupie has another schlong in her mouth?

  • knowsmore

    Thats because they are selling their home.

    We are all pretty surprised with how all this has gpne down, but at least the reconcile BS is over.
    Jackie was a groupie, and this is what groupies do, except she forgot a key element. /yourdoingitwrong

    First he confronted this douchelord in the parking garage and told him to stay away from his wife and family. Then he busted them at a hotel. Now he films them AGAIN at said parking garage.

    Pretty sure that qualifies her as a whore.

  • knowsalot

    Wheelington cheated on his first wife with Jackie and now has the audacity to act like a big baby now that someone has cheated on him. Yes, Jackie filed for divorce, but it was AFTER his diagnosis. Once they thought he was going to get better, she moved back in with him in HIS mother’s house. Chad, you don’t know so much. But he needs to take it like a man since he totally cheated on his first wife with this tramp.

  • calm and collected

    cheat on your husband you cheat on your kids. she is whitetrash scum. that doesnt deserve the time of day. I wonder if she is going to be a divorce lawyer. hahaha. Good luck on that bitch!! no one will hire you. Cheers to Jason and Jeers to Jackie. i wish i knew these people so i could shake Jason’s hand and flip off Jackie.

  • T.LISH

    Chad it does not matter- she is still a nasty slag who was thinking with her massive vagina and not about the vows she took when she married him. She is not the good guy here, look at her for who she is.. a liar, cheater, and horrible person.
    If she had filed for divorce in Jan why was she still with Jason? Why was she all acting as a caring mother and wife? She is a liar. Are you sure you aren’t Jackie aka Chad? If so, close EM up doll!

  • Chad

    What this video doesnt reveal is that both parties have been seperated for a while and the wife actually filed for divorce Jan. 10) before he was diganosed with cancer but she stayed with after she found out but they could not make it work. Always two sides to every story…..and yes I know both of them personally.