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Former Ms Arizona contestant is off to jail for a botched kidnapping scheme.


How to go from high to very very low.

It seemed for a while 28 year old Kumari Fulbright had it all. Except she really never did. A former beauty queen and law student, things suddenly went wrong when she decided to kidnap and torture her boyfriend.

Huffpo: Fulbright and three men were arrested in December 2007 after the ex-boyfriend told police he’d been tied up and kept captive for eight to 10 hours, robbed and tortured.

Which is to say no matter one’s station in life, outwardly- it doesn’t necessarily match their inner station- a conflict of being elicited by Ms Fulbright’s course of actions….

Pima County prosecutors say 28-year-old Kumari Fulbright was sentenced Thursday to two years in prison and six years’ probation.

She pleaded guilty last year to conspiracy to commit kidnapping and aggravated assault as part of a plea agreement that stipulated the prison sentence.

One day whilst Ms Fulbright is applying make up  she will look at the make up brush and suddenly realize no matter how deftly she applies it she will never be able to circumvent the pathos and drama that lies underneath.

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