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Shouldn’t you be wearing a mock Ku-Klux Klan outfit to intimidate your co workers too?


The things that go on in NY midtown hotels.

Who isn’t down for a practical joke? But then again whose down for a practical joke that involves one of your co workers wearing a pillow case over their head with holes for eye sockets when you are the lone employee in the kitchen on duty. The lone black employee that is…

NY DailyNews: A Midtown hotel chef has resigned after a black employee accused him of donning a white pillowcase to pretend to be a Ku Klux Klansman, the Daily News has learned.

Cook Julius Jones, the only black person working in the kitchen at the time of the incident, was shocked by chef Jeff Farley‘s getup.

By now we can only imagine most of you are just sitting there laughing your head off, looking for your own makeshift pillow to try the same stunt on your fellow ‘colored’ co worker, who is probably helping you look for the right satin pillow case.

But Farley calls the KKK allegation “ridiculous.”
“I know what I did and I did nothing wrong,” he said.

Ridiculous. Indeed. Especially if you happen to be the offended party who has had to battle genrations of racial lynching and like it or not is still sensitive to tawdry suggestions of a nation’s unremarkable past.

A spokesman for Roger Smith Hotel said Farley has resigned and called the incident “very unfortunate.”

Farley said in his statement to management that he was pretending to be a ghost when the racially charged incident occurred just before Halloween.

Resigned? Or fired? Or how about politely asked to resign? And by the way did you happen to notice all the other folk wearing their very own satin pillow case Klu Klux Klan outfit this recent Halloween? We sure did. And if you didn’t, it’s only because you didn’t look hard enough, or come across your appropriated fellow racist co worker- but that doesn’t mean if you don’t look hard enough you wont come across one or a dozen…

Are you going to be dressing like a Klu Klux Klan man come next Halloween?