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Prepare Yourself for the Coming Christine O’Donnell Reality Show


Just when you thought it was safe to turn on your television set, news hit, as if by magic, that former witch and tea-partying virgin anti-masturbation crusader who reportedly doesn’t shave her pubic hair, Christine O’Donnell, has plans to write a book (at least she’ll be busy on a pointless task for awhile) and has received “multiple” reality-television offers.

Though the culture changing ex-occultist says she has no interest in reality-TV, and would instead prefer to ‘continue to be a voice for the voiceless’ as a talk-show pundit, isn’t she already living the positively purgatorial existence of perpetually performing her characteristic quirkiness before a reality-hungry audience?

If anything is certain, it’s that, as Christine said supporters Tuesday, “This is just the beginning” and she isn’t going anywhere but up. But shouldn’t she account for the fact that everything she touches turns to spectacle whether she means for it or not?

Which is another way of saying: Won’t any talk show Christine signs onto almost immediately degrade into a reality-show about the Christine O’Donnell talk show as mash ups of her inevitable on-air fuck ups become the net’s newest and most fun phenomenon?

So prepare yourself for the Christine O’Donnell reality show, no matter what she feels like calling it, tip over the TV set and batten down the hatches, because a new shitstorm’s a-brewin’ and it’s gonna be a big one.