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Kansas City Hold-Up Robber Uses Bare Breasts, a BB Gun


Laron Pearson, 21, of Kansas City MO allegedly utilized the reportedly fabulous bare breasts of a hitherto unnamed female accomplice as a distraction while he robbed a service station with what he says was a BB gun. Of course, with the clerks’ eyes glued to the distracting jugs, one could argue which was the real weapon.

kansascity.com : “The clerks reported than an armed man took $500 in the Nov. 2 robbery in the 3300 block of E. Linwood Boulevard.” (At least he didn’t charge them for the peepshow.)

Though the robber managed to escape the first encounter, a few nights later, “the same clerks called police when a man they identified as the robber entered the store, according to court records.” From there, an arrest under charges of first-degree-robbery didn’t take long, even if it’s amazing that the victims recognized our felon given the rather voluptuous circumstances at hand.

And while, as Crime Scene KC reported, “according to the court documents, Pearson told detectives that he only got $20 in the robbery,” a far more likely sum taken is the disputed $500 which may have been used towards payment for a certain kind of services rendered…(we’ll let you use your imagination).

Not the most economical form of robbery, but it’s certainly the flashiest.

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