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Toddler May Have Contracted HIV from Dirty Needles on the Floor of a New York City Hospital


In New York even going to the can be hazardous to your health, which frankly doesn’t bode well for one city-dwelling toddler, Hailey Rodriguez, who may have contracted HIV from multiple dirty needles laying on the floor at The Bronx’s Montefiore Medical Center.

Not content with allowing their waiting room to be the usual kind of horrifying bacterial breeding ground found in most hospitals, Montefiore managed to outdo themselves by neglecting to secure their bright red biohazard bins, allowing dirtied needles to overflow out onto the floor where one curious toddler decided to have a closer look.

The girl’s mother, Nadia Maklad, stated that, upon hearing Hailey crying, ‘[She] asked [her daughter] what happened. [Hailey] lifted up her dress, her stomach was bleeding and her hand was bleeding’… She pointed to a bin: it was a red bio hazard bin on the floor. The top wasn’t securely on’…The opening where you put the needles was broken. The bin was full of uncapped dirty needles.’

Now Hailey’s been given a prescription for AZT medication, a drug intended for pregnant women, said to slow the rate of HIV infection. Side effects include making Hailey “violently ill,” to put it bluntly.  Similar symptoms to the disease itself, we could no doubt imagine. Now they’ll be in and out of the samea hospital for the next six months, monitoring Hailey’s condition.

Hailey’s mother commented on the situation, saying: “She went in for one thing and came out worse. How could this happen?’

Isn’t this the case for so many of our culture’s problems, all attempts to solve them serve only to exacerbate them, yet we continue to put our trust in the system’s ability to solve them.

Daily Mail Co UK