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The dizzy and nasty rise of the NY Publicist…Welcome Alison Brod.


Alison Brod.

Let me say from the outset I have no malice towards Alice Brod and her public relations concern: Alison Brod Pr. That said, I do take exception with some of the correspondences that I have being receiving from her concern. Correspondences which challenge the rights we as journalists/publishers have when choosing to express an opinion or a point of view.

At the heart of the matter: should a publication be forced to rescind points of views that don’t always comply with the preferred point of view of the entity being discussed, an entity which happens to be a high profile fashion and life style Pr concern which of late in this author’s opinion hasn’t done a stellar job? But then again, who can blame a pr company for hustling preferred media points of view, especially when they happen to be the subject in point?

The facts:

Recently pursuant to the Mercedes Benz Spring/Summer 2011 collections I wrote an admittedly taciturn piece on the frustrations bestowed upon a publishing concern with respect to delivering prescient coverage of the past collections. The article titled:

Reflections of a Grumpy Publisher. Fxxk Fashion Week.

and the passage that caught Mrs Brod’s attention…

“From missed shows, to wanton fist fights with anal security guards, unrepentant publicists, Alison Brod you are on my shit list this month (please don’t attack the interns when your email correspondences prove you disorganized…) and the….”

eventually caught the eye of Alison Brod and with good concern. The knee jerk reaction can be found here kids:



  1. I worked for that b*tch a handful of years ago. While brilliant and successful, she is a materialistic fake who has zero compassion and humility.

  2. I could care less about the issue either way, but any objective reader will say there is nothing wrong with how they handled the situation. I am sure it wasn’t the first time you felt hurt being shunned from a fashion show, and it won’t be the last, but to keep on whining about it with the pretence of journalism is abusing the act of journalism itself…

  3. You are an asshole and I believe you probably added that comment at the bottom to make it seems like some else feels your angst. Talking shit about someone will never serve you. Have several seats.

  4. ive had a bad experience with Alison Brod PR as well. theyre very bitchy and wouldn’t let us meet the designer in which WE WERE INVITED at the event. theyre so full of it.

  5. “…sully my journalistic integrity and the wonderful repore that I hold with most media agents and the truly remarkable talent that work for this concern? ”

    If you’re a journalist you ought to know that REPORE isn’t a real word. You meant RAPPORT.

  6. Thank you Jack for clarifying matters. Isn’t it interesting the moment a journalist takes the time to discover due process he is labeled a no journalist, but the moment he plays let’s keep the status in check he is credited as an adored journalist and deserving of the establishment.

    Jack, the establishment is not doing it’s job, it’s playing pony games with the public. A journalist worth his salt doesn’t have ‘closet’ discussions as you suggest but public ones.


  7. I agree with “confused.”

    True journalists — which you are not and shouldn’t call yourself — never print out emails and print them because they are in foul moods. they have on/off record conversations and background conversations with their subjects. they don’t get angry and just re-print emails.

    it’s not about legal code it’s about ethics code.

    no one will be taking “this journalist” to court because there is no journalist to take to court working for this website.

  8. I know enough to realize there is plenty of unsavory behavior that needs to be discussed openly. As for parties, please we have invites jumping at us ad nauseum, and as for emails, I can reprint any email I choose when it lands in my email box. It;s called public domain, check the legal precedent, that or take this journalist to court for attempting to do his job rather than be intimidated by bellicose behavior.

  9. Did Alison Brod give you permission to re-print those emails? Were they on the record? Did she go on background with you for any of this or did any of her employees?

    This seems just like bad journalism to me and someone holding a grudge because he didn’t get in to a party. I hope other publicists (and everyone in the media industry for that matter) take note of your unprofessional nature and the fact you know nothing of the profession. otherwise you would never have printed someone’s emails without their permission. it’s just not done.

  10. To be blunt I frankly don’t care if a particular journalist or publicist thinks I am a second rate blogger or premium journalist. My body of work speaks for itself and has been featured in major publications. But then again so has Perez Hilton and we all know the boy can’t write to save his life. Judging from our readership and the comments, dialogue that it provokes the type of journalism is far superior than most established media establishments that consistently present regurgitated meaningless hyperbole and serve to preserve certain false hegemonies. Nice work if you can get it…

    That said I will me meeting Alison in the very near future where I trust we will find meaningful recourse to what both unsettled us. A meeting I am looking forward to.

    On a last note, if you re read the email we were in fact given access to the show and a cursory regard of this journal would let you know that frankly we are considered as a young entity with less than 2 years presence a favorite. From diplomats, provocateurs, Hollywood, the fashion world (we covered every designer we wanted and were happily invited thank you very much).

    To be blunt, we are the new wave of journalism and thank god because the behavior of the old guard often stinks and only serves to reinforce preferred realities that certain individuals vigilently cling to. Think I’m joking, just have a look and see what’s happened to the media world.

    Isn’t it compelling that journalists can once again address issues that were perceived to be off radar because we weren’t introduced at some preferred grammar school. That said I’m glad this article forced a dialogue as to the inherent dynamics of media, something that any second rate blogger could be proud of.

  11. I saw your email that said you requested access to the Whitney Eve, but she never got back to you saying you were GRANTED access.

    It seems you owe Ms. Brod, who I know very well, as I am also a member of the media, a HUGE apology, since you can’t seem to grasp what people who are ACTUALLY journalists and not second rate bloggers, know very well: Alison Brod knows exactly what she is doing: Granting the right people access into her events. Not just everyone who REQUESTS it.

  12. Sorry Scallywag:( I saw nothing wrong with her email request. As a small business owner she’s just trying to protect her reputation and was doing so in a tasteful way. I would of probably just confronted you man to man… but we both know I would have been the only man in that situation.

    I’m siding with the ALison on this one as now she’ll have this pop up when potential business google’s her name. You’re once again messing with peoples lives and the way they take care of their families.

  13. Seriously guys… has this outlet, outfit, ‘concern’ become that alienated an outlet, outfit or ‘concern’ that we can afford to vocally and collectively commiserate on one’s position’s, more or less public, more or less ‘relationship’ with some more or less botoxed urban PR endeavor????? The actual real public out there shouldn’t even know there are such things as PR firms that are being paid to peddle such mindless information as is being discussed here. The public should only care about the actual meat that is being presented to their hopefully discerning incisors… based on the very merit of such information, be it formal or factual… Unless we’re down to only cater to our brother in arms, maybe it’s time to look up and beyond such transient creatures and their sub- or sup- par behavior to what it is we, as a society, need to focus onto… maybe it’s just good wine, good food and good friends but at least that’s a laugh or two no one’s ever going to get back.

  14. Christopher: I like you. I think you are a talented writer with a unique editorial perspective which is why in certain instances I have been willing to publish some of thoughts on your website. Nevertheless, I was reluctant to comment because frankly I also like Alison Brod PR and see them largely as one of the “good guy” PR Firms in the city. Alison Brod PR in my experience is and has often been far more “democratic” than most in terms of coverage opportunities. But I understand that in a challenging economic climate, any and all publicists worry and guard against any perspective that may hurt or undermine their clients. In some respects that is to be expected. Communication is KEY and some publicists who may have been on my private “Shit List” in the past have evolved and largely been far more considerate when they recognized our sincere effort to afford an interesting editorial and photographic perspective. There remains, however, an outfit or two in town, including one that use to go by the moniker “Great Press” that largely sees their role to invite Wireimages, Vogue and PMC and then dictate to other outlets who want to cover said event, or charity, how it should be covered with their press release and images. While I feel bad if I miss one of Alison Brod PR events I generally will avoid covering this other outfit’s effort

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