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Teens Freed After Torturing Autistic Child, Recording it On a Cell Phone

Third fiend- Andrew Griffin

Jack Bolton (left), Nathan Marshall (right)

Three British teens who tortured an autistic boy and recorded him on their mobile phones begging, “Please don’t hurt me,” were given community service sentences for, among other things: kicking and stamping his head, beating him ‘with a tennis racket,’ throwing him ‘down a steep embankment,’ ‘dog mess,’ chafing him with sandpaper, ripping out his pubic hair with ‘adhesive tape,’ and, of course, forcing vodka and gin down his gullet until he finally passed out (after which who knows what happened).

As per usual with torture, everyone who could’ve stopped it at least pretends to have been oblivious; most likely because the boy feared further retribution for tattling, lest the gang, ‘break his jaw,’ as they told him they’d threatened in ‘repeated phone calls.’ And to think, in the movies they only break your knuckles…

Said the boy’s auntie: He was young and innocent and could not fend for himself,’…‘It was just awful. He is scared and vulnerable and they have called him a grass. He used to come home with bruises and lie about it but when he came home with a trainer print on his face I knew that there was something more.’

A shame indeed, but is there more to the story than just random acts of violence? Apparently there is — as the gang reportedly bragged admitted to police that they had carried out their torturous deeds “because they were ‘bored.’” While we can be certain there’s no better form of amusement than torturing the helpless, furthermore, as the Daily Mail reports, “there is a sexual element to these offenses.” (Remember that they gave him a duct tape Brazilian.)

Which, at least for us, begs the question of why it seems, in Western culture, has hyper-sexualized torture increasingly become but another form of fun; and for people of younger, and of younger ages?

Source: UK Daily Mail

Third fiend- Andrew Griffin

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