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Son of South. The fight for racial equality…

Civil rights demonstrators sullied.

David Goodman smiles. His brother, Andrew Goodman was one of the three civil rights workers murdered by the Ku Klux Klan in 1964 (the incident that inspired the film “Mississipi Burning”). Only two days after their disappearance, it was Bob Zellner who took Rita Schwerner to Mississippi to find out what had happened to her husband and the two other young men.  David looks around him. “Well, there’s a lot of my extended family in this room. I have my story here too.”

We all have our story interjects his endeared “Aunt Maya”, “Black, White, Asian, Buddhist, Jewish, male, female, rich or poor. We all want to forget but we need to be relentlessly reminded that we are all human. That we have more in common than that sets us apart.

Producer Eve Pomerance

And that’s what this movie is aboutechoes Eve Pomerance, producer of the film and red-diaper baby daughter of British Freedom Summerauthor and activist Sally Belfrage. “People will come to learn about the 60’s Movement, people will come for the entertainment, but they will leave with this message. This is why we need to make this happen.”

Tania Doe and director Barry Alexander Brown

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