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Skinny Bitch in NY- Is it more cost effective to be fat?


Femininity, a dying word on the streets of New York City.  Hard to believe in a city filled with females this could be happening.  52.6% of New Yorkers are ”women”. That’s one woman for every man with a little bit extra (2.6% extra, I guess that would equal a foot or perhaps a larger breast). For the ones that have retained their femininity, it is a costly expense.  The trend in our ”modern” society is to respect ladies for their ”mental” ability instead of the old or past predominately ”physical” cliché.

But is it cheaper to dress like a boy and possess a lack there of desire to stay in shape, please men’s eyes and want to look like a model and be skinny?  Well, if one were to add  up the expenses of pilates, yoga, gym membership, training equipment, special fish or protein diets, the time spent walking or taking taxis from boutique to boutique in search of that perfect size ”0” or ”2” to fit that perfectly maintained physique, then yes, it might be a bit costly.  This is true even if you don’t speak French (and I mean to say Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent and Christian Louboutin). Mentally, the costs can be even more for the failure of having settled for a size ”6” as a naturally feminine woman asks the question ”why, did I eat that last bite?” It certainly would have been cheaper to starve.  But, in the end, expensive or not, the comfort of self satisfaction for the ”skinny bitch” reigns Queen.To see more of Ricardo’s writings and musing go to the link here

Ricardo Garcia is also the principal of http://www.redhot-pr.com/

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  • My only response is Ricardo is quite intent on growing up. I’ll be sure to exhale along with you when it happens.

    The Editor

  • Laara

    Such bad writing, but maybe that’s a good thing. It might be offensive if it were more coherent. This way it’s just sort of tragically amusing. Is Ricardo Garcia a professional writer? And a grown up?

  • F

    Prefer SIZE 4, 5″10