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Man Springs Pup From Pound, Flees on Lawnmower, Is Caught, Dog Euthanized


In this Oklahoma issue of “heartbreakingly cute-sounding prison escapes gone terribly wrong,” 73-year-old ‘Hyrdo man’ Edwin Fry decided rather than pay the 100 bucks to bail out his prized poodle ‘Buddy Tough,’ incarcerated for not being on a leash that he would instead devise a plan that would leave the local police department shocked. Breaking into the pound with his trusty cage cutters, and then springing the pooch, Edwin Fry would make his getaway on his lawnmower (yes lawnmower…) and hit the slow lane — leading local police on a low speed chase.

While perhaps he’d meant to be inconspicuous, and almost succeeded, Fry and his pooch were soon “intercepted.” Which was probably a more daunting task than seems at first glance, considering that Fry had “warned police to stay away from his dog unless they wanted to face his shotgun.”

Said the arresting officer, Chris Chancellor, “I’ve been in law enforcement 20 years, and this is the first time I’ve known of anyone that has busted a dog out of jail.” No doubt that makes it worthy of being called a spectacle (especially when you factor in the choice of escape vehicle).

For his part, Fry spent “several days in jail,” and faces further charges for allowing Buddy Tough to “run at-large.” Still, how could you leash a pup named Buddy Tough? Isn’t too much irony for an elderly man to handle safely?

In what surely seems more insult than pre-emptive measure, the cops euthanized the badass poodle… which kind of begs the question, just what were they afraid of? Poodles being allowed to ‘run at-large’ or old men running at large?’


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