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Isn’t Time You’ve Bought Some ‘Hairy-Leg’ Tights?


Retailing at $22.50, the tights in question have become an ‘internet sensation’ due to an unfortunate wardrobe malfunction that makes the lace pattern on them “from a distance, appear to replicate the look of very hairy, unshaven legs.” (How we love our gender-bending…)

Sorry Williamsburg, this means that ‘grandma chic’ is out these days, at least until they make ones that replicate vericose veins. (Probably not far off.)

Until then, why be a prep who pays full price to fake the look when you could both save on razors or waxing them shins, and become the envy of your friends?


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  • CanCan

    i’ll save my money and not shave my legs for months if i ever feel the need to “wear” these.