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Isn’t it Time You Named Your Child After a Celebrity?


It is surely a sign of a new kind of American birthright that being given the same name as a celebrity may soon allow you to be  exploited like one.

VH1′s culture-creating geniuses who once brought you such serialized spectacles as I Love New York and the even more ‘beloved’ Rock of Love (notice the trend?) have been busy promoting their newest endeavor ‘dubbed’ The Same Name. (Also notice the verb alluding to knighthood, the act of becoming royalty.)

Vulture already recited the press release earlier, saying: “The basic premise of the show revolves around finding regular folks whose names happen to be the same as celebs, and then having the two temporarily trade lives.”

Which has us wondering if this  just yet another sign that contemporary American culture has abondoned traditional function representation and inverted into a hybrid fantasy where fantasy characters have now become real characters?

Which is another way of saying calling your daughter Aniston (as in Jennifer Aniston) can suddenly connote the hyper reality of your new born, never mind the delusional simulation and desired access to a make believe world in the first place.

Surely your about to be born son ‘Brangelina’ couldn’t agree more?

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