Home Scandal and Gossip Girlfriend calls 911 on jobless pot smoking boyfriend.

Girlfriend calls 911 on jobless pot smoking boyfriend.


When your boyfriend doesn’t behave there’s always 911…

Relations between a 35 year old Missouri man and his girlfriend reached a sour note recently when the girlfriend decided to finally bring action to a nagging problem of hers- a jobless pot smoking boyfriend.

AzCentral: LEBANON, Mo. – A 35-year-old man was charged in Missouri with possessing marijuana after his girlfriend called 911 and said she was tired of him smoking pot all day instead of working.

Which reminds us last time Priscilla the disgruntled girlfriend who lives down the hallway called the police on her boyfriend was when his fist repeatedly landed in the vicinity of her left eye socket. But judging from the unease that some girlfriends are having with their better unproductive halves it really doesn’t surprise us that the police are now finally being involved. Frankly we’re waiting for Priscilla to call 911 next time Jose wears the wrong colored socks to the laundromat in the basement, that of course would serve him right…

Dispatchers in the southwestern Missouri town of Lebanon got a 911 hang-up call Saturday night from a motel room. Police said officers went to the motel and were told by the woman that her boyfriend did nothing during the day but smoke marijuana.

As all you male loafers read this let this be a lesson to you the minute your girlfriend senses you love your extended siestas and mismatched socks more than her the police are soon to drop by and implore you to get off the good shit and become dedicated boyfriends. A plea that would surely bring a bouquet of flowers the moment you are released from jail…

The Lebanon Daily Record reported that the man told police his girlfriend was angry because he didn’t have a job yet. He then admitted having marijuana in his car, and handed over a pipe containing the illegal drug.

The moral of the lesson? If you need to get high, don’t get high in front of her and for goodness sake don’t ask her for the money (which we are almost positive our Missouri fiend did) to buy you the good shit. You just might after all may end up staying out of jail.