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Girl, 12, Fends Off Kidnapper With Her iPod


When a 12-year-old girl Delaware was told to ‘get in the van’ by a stranger outside of her middle school, she scared off her kidnapper by telling him she was calling the cops on her iPod Touch.

Without making this article into a free advertisement for her Apple (the girl, more so than the company, deserves the credit for being ingenious) it should be noted that the Touch, which looks almost identical to the iPhone, is incapable of making calls without a software addition. And even if it could, knowing the  standard AT&T service it would probably drop them habitually.

While a great feel good story, there is something deeper at stake here. Imagine the potential of ever-present connection, location based social media, etc. as a deterrent to criminal activities.

The incident highlights to the ambivalent nature modern man has with  technology: while he fears its advancements (what is more horrifying than not only reporting your location and activities at all times, but being told it’s supposed to be fun) he is more than happy to merit in the myriad benefits that social media warrant- greater social exposure, linking easier with other people and of course less child kidnappings.

But still, are we ready to trade all our privacy, most likely naively, for the promising guarantee of greater public safety?

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