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Drug Lab Found in Dorm Room at Prestigious University, Georgetown


‘Strange odors’ coming from your neighbors dorm room at odd hours of the evening? Then be sure to knock carefully when investigating, because it may be more than just a bit of bong smoking, and, instead, quite the explosive situation. At least it was this week in the prestigious University of Georgetown, where students were evacuated from their residence hall after police, investigating 5AM’s usual odd odors and/or party fouls, discovered that one student had set up a drug lab, complete with hazardous chemicals.

Georgetown’s The Hoya reports: “Though [Department of Public Safety] officers initially thought the lab was being used for production of methamphetamine, [the Metropolitan Police Department] later found that the lab was used for a hallucinogenic drug commonly known as DMT.”

As is required for me to say at this point in the article, one student, Andrew Strunk, stated: “It’s completely shocking.” Probably once everything had calmed down, he conceded why, positing,  “I would have never have thought that something like this would happen at Georgetown.”

Which has us wondering where is this kind of thing ‘expected’ to happen then? After all aren’t rich college kids just supposed to use drugs (with their parent’s money, obviously), not dirty themselves by making them? Aren’t they suppose to accrue such vices from those popularly designated entities that specialize in the manufacturing of the good shit? Like the ‘hood for instance?

By reporting on this story with such furious abandon, don’t we mean that that’s what’s really shocking? Drug labs don’t get nearly much coverage when we find them in ‘America’s Heartland’… even when they’re in a WalMart bathroom.