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Coco Sheen’s ho Capri Anderson demands he pay his outstanding bill of $12 000.

Coco, if I have to use this whip- it's really going to hurt.

Charlie where did you hide the $12 000?

Isn’t it time Coco finally locate his wallet?

Coco Sheen has been having the time of his life lately, from having lavish dinners with his ex wife and his kids with his $12 000 a night porn star hooker Capri Anderson AKA Christina Walsh, from accusing his porn star that she made off his wallet, from running around his $7000 a night suite naked smashing it apart (presumably looking for his wallet and the good shit stashed in his wallet) to eventually paying a courtesy overnight visit to a local hospital to aid him in recovering from nasty side effects from bad coke medicine

Perez Hilton: A source reveals:

Of course Coco is about to have one more ride on the merry go round called ‘this is my dream come true fantasy ride’ when Capri comes looking for him, because girlfriend is upset after all the fun Coco had on the merry go round she never got to be paid after her turn on the merry go round.

“Charlie had never met Christina until that night. He ordered her from a ‘service.’ Christina was supposed to be paid $12,000. And by the time the crazy night was over, she never got paid because Charlie flipped out. She was furious and now she’s doing everything she can to make money off that night. She has someone in Los Angeles who handles her ‘calls.’ She’s more than a porn star. And the price for the evening was $12,000. She told Charlie, ‘I’m not doing anything until I get my money first.’ And then after they did more cocaine Charlie wanted to have sex and she demanded money. He couldn’t find his wallet and flipped out. He thought she stole it, but his assistant, who was down the hall had it. That’s when Charlie flipped out and Christina fled into the bathroom and locked the door. He was pounding on it and that led to the series of phone calls with the police showing up. Now she’s furious because he still NEVER paid her! And she’s determined to get her money one way or the other, so she’s shopping her story. Saying she’ll go to the district attorney makes her story more valuable she thinks and puts pressure on Charlie.”

The moral of the story- never get on the merry go round of ‘this is my dream come true fantasy ride’ unless you at least have a spare $12 000 bill firmly lodged between the crevices of your nostrils, after all some rides are best left alone if you don’t have the credit on hand.

Won’t you be weeping when Capri ends up with her own TV show one day- ” How I went from $12 000 a night to a million in change in one season.’

Charlie Sheen trashes his Plaza suite during a coke binge with hooker.

Coco Sheen found nude in restaurant, screaming N-word.

So can you put out the $12 000 sweetie?
Coco I'm waiting sweetie.
Coco darling, I haven't got all day.
Coco- please stop smashing that chandelier and come over him.
Coco, if I have to use this whip- it's really going to hurt.

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