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Bradley Ray Bromelow is arrested for riding in the airport baggage claim carousel.


Oh the fun Bradley had as he went round and round.

Admit it. You’ve always wanted to do it but have never had the courage. Which is what our hero Brad was thinking when he decided ‘ to hell with it, this one is going down in the history books.’

AzCentral: MIAMI – A man was arrested at the Miami International Airport after he allegedly got on the baggage claim carousel and rode it into a secure area.

Authorities said 40-year-old Bradley Ray Bromelow, from Alpharetta, Ga., filmed people watching him as he moved on the conveyor belt Thursday. He faces a charge of trespassing into a secured area at the airport where signs are posted.

That’s how much fun Brad had, he had to take out his camera and take pictures of you gawking at him, wishing effectively you were as brave stupid as him.

The Transportation Security Administration is reviewing the matter to determine if he will receive any fine.

Bromelow bonded out of jail early Friday morning.

One day when our hero Brad is lying on his death bed and the missus has thrown him out he will think about that moment when he took a photo of your mouth gaping open as he went woosh and woosh round and round on an airport baggage claims carousel. The tears it goes without saying will overwhelm him…

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