Home Scandal and Gossip Baking pot brownies will now bring you closer to mom and dad.

Baking pot brownies will now bring you closer to mom and dad.


Getting high with your mom and dad can cheer you up too.

Remember the days when you would get high in your bedroom or daddy’s den without mommy or daddy not having the slightest clue why you were always poking at your nose or falling sideways? Well, now the good news is they needn’t be excluded anymore, apparently getting high with mommy and daddy has become the norm…

NYT’s: Bryan, 46, a writer who lives in Illinois, began supplying his parents about five years ago, after he told them about his own marijuana use. When he was growing up, he said, his parents were very strict about illegal drugs.

“We would have grounded him,” said his mother, who is 72.

But these days mommy spends the better part of the day rolling and falling off the sofa with Bryan. Which is to say thanks to the good shit some families are coming closer together…

But with age and the growing acceptance of medical marijuana, his parents were curious. His father had a heart ailment, his mother had dizzy spells and nausea, and both were worried about Alzheimer’s disease and cancer. They looked at some research and decided marijuana was worth a try.

Who else has decided to give the good shit a try is Alex and his son who he has trained to be a drug mule for him…

“I was very uncomfortable getting my son involved,” said the father of Alex, 21. The father, who is 54, started using marijuana to relieve his pain from degenerative disc disease. He soon discovered that Alex, who lives in Minnesota a few miles away, had access to better marijuana than he did.

But with the idea that the good shit can do more good than damage despite reports that suggest loss of memory and being impaired, and that using pharmaceutical favorites like oxycotin can lead a user to being left in a zombie state some dads and children had to finally find a more common ground…

He and Alex have smoked together twice, but it is not a regular practice, both said. Yet they say the drug has strengthened their relationship.

“We spend our bonding time making brownies,” Alex said.

And then there’s the mother and daughter duet who have also bonded:

Florence, 89, an artist who lives in New York, smokes mainly for relief from her spinal stenosis — usually one or two puffs before going to sleep, she said. She buys her pipes through an online shop and gets her marijuana from her daughter, Loren, who is 65.

“A person brings it to me,” said Loren, who uses marijuana recreationally. “I’m not out on a street corner.” Florence said that she had told all of her doctors that she was using marijuana, and that none had ever discouraged her or warned of interactions with her prescription drugs, including painkillers.

One day when you least expect it mom and dad are going to slyly reach over, give you a couple of bucks and tell you next time you drop by to bring the good shit with you…