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Trapped Chilean Miners Being Groomed for Overnight Celebrity


Reports have surfaced that trapped Chilean miners are now being coached to ‘cope’ with their impending meteoric rise to superstardom. Which begs the greater question, why coach these men for success when it’s much more exciting to traffic in self-destruction?

Australian News: To help prepare the trapped miners for the glare of the world’s media, experts are piping down instructional videos on how to handle TV and newspaper reporters.

The training advises them, on “remaining poised during an interview, asking the interviewer to repeat the question if they don’t understand it, and how to say that they prefer not to answer” a given question, said Alberto Iturra, a psychologist overseeing the miners’ mental and emotional well-being.

Does someone smell a wash and repeat hero story soon coming to your TV screen? With their debt already paid to the audience, that of insufferable torture of being trapped for weeks now, the miners are now ready to assume their rightful hero status. Unlike other preferred heroes, they have been spared the ridicule and inconvenience of having to endure plastic surgery, gossip columns, burning oneself with acid, and all that is required at this stage is the requisite polishing act that will ensure that we collectively swoon at our new TV heroes.

One day when the miners are back above ground and walking home after another exhilirating TV interview one of them will perversely remember how much more fun they had when they were all collectively holed up underground until suddenly of their handlers leans over and ask that they politely smile for the cameras…

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