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Traffic Cop beaten severely for writing a ticket.


When the violators go beserk and leave you with a fractured skull.

Edgar Saetoros this morning was doing his usual job up of making sure that commuters followed public law when he happened upon a double parked car while on his beat in the Bronx. What happened from there should concern us all…

NY Daily News: A double parker in the Bronx who found a traffic cop writing him ticket went berserk and put the cop in the hospital with a fractured skull.

The irate motorist fled on foot after the 8:30 a.m. assault and was being hunted.

Which begs the immediate question. Was there a confrontation that led to the assailant losing it? Did the assailant once try to explain himself to Mr Saetoros, or was this just a vile initial reaction to a traffic officer doing what he is trained to do?
Saeteros never saw it coming.

Officials said he was had ticketed a red Mercury double-parked on Virginia Ave. in Parkchester during the morning rush when he was attacked from behind without warning.

“He was hit in the head, punched twice, and knocked to the ground,” Serrano said.

“He said he was struck two or three times and he was kicked once. No words were exchanged. He tried to arrest the guy, but the guy got away.”

Police described his attacker as Hispanic, about 6 feet tall and weighing about 165 pounds.

And just in case you are wondering if this happens often…

There are about 2,800 uniformed police employees who write tickets, direct traffic and tow cars. Every year, there are assaults on about 60 of them.

60 assaults of which one includes a fractured skull.


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