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Did you manage to make it to the royal party in Belgrade, Serbia over the weekend?


Even deposed royals can share in the fun.

It’s true, royal get togethers make for the most chintzy affairs and in the event you are into chintzy affairs, and we’re betting most of you are, then all you need to do is somehow make sure you get yourself on the invite list for the fiercest royal soirees you can possibly find. Which begs the question, where was the recent hoi poi royal party held? Let’s read the NY Gutter Post and find out…

NY Post: There was a royal flush in Belgrade over the weekend as the kings of Romania, Bulgaria and Greece celebrated the 25th wedding anniversary of Crown Prince Alexander of Yugoslavia and Princess Katherine. The deposed Greek monarch Constantine and Queen Anne Marie were marking their own 46th year in tandem. First cousins Alexander and Constantine are also first cousins of Queen Elizabeth II, all descended from Queen Victoria.

What makes this all so sweet,this time round there were no assassinations, gunshots, world wars or forced abdications. But then again, that doesn’t discount the civil strife all three nations have had in recent times. But then again, if you’re royalty do you really need to pay attention to such things?

At the invitation of the Serbian government, Alexander and Katherine are again living in the royal palace, where his father reigned as king. Also toasting the happy couple were Princess Ira von Furstenberg and society decorator Susan Gutfreund, who with her husband, John, regularly hosts the Yugoslav royals for Thanksgiving dinner on Fifth Avenue.

Isn’t royal bliss such wonderful ignorance?

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