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Death From Above: Skydiver Accused of Killing Love Rival at 13,000ft


26-year old Belgian woman Els Clotteman stands accused of sabotaging the parachute of Els Van Doren, a 38-year old ‘love rival’ in this Fall’s sure to be high-profile skydiving murder trial.

The two women, allegedly both lovers of the same 25-year old man with whom they habitually skydived, used to hold hands in a free-falling love triangle that, like most self-destructive high-risk relationships eventually collapsed under its internal pressure.

BBC: Laying out details of the love triangle, Mr. Boyen said for the prosecution that Mr Somers [the lover in question] had entertained Ms Van Doren, a married mother of two, most Saturdays while often seeing Ms Clottemans on Fridays.

According to Mr Somers, quoted in the UK’s Independent newspaper, he had been trying to “shake off” Ms Clottemans.

If that statement weren’t cringe-worthy enough, just wait until you hear about Somers judgment…

A week before the fatal jump, the two women spent the night in his flat, Ms Van Doren sharing his bed while Ms Clottemans slept on a mattress or sofa.

Ms Clottemans would have had the opportunity of sabotaging the other woman’s parachutes, which were in the flat at the time, investigators say.

Maybe, instead of tempting fate Mr. Somers should have cut all ties before someone else had the chance to. Still, what is it about risk that so seduced these three thrill seekers and led them to their almost inevitable outcome?

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