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Canadian City to Scare Drivers with Optical Illusions.


If making it to work alive by car in the city wasn’t already frightening aggravating enough, now it seems we’ll have to soon start dodging government sponsored optical illusions as well.

The Globe and Mail: Motorists travelling on 22nd Street in West Vancouver will be confronted with a 3D image of a little girl chasing a ball in the street starting next Tuesday. The girl will be an optical illusion, but the scenario is very real, according to David Dunne of the BCAA Traffic Safety Foundation.

“Beginning next Tuesday, the city will confront drivers with a 3D image of a child chasing a ball into the street, a ‘lesson’ to motorists to slow down. ‘We need to expect the unexpected because anything could happen …”

“Anything,” it seems, should now be take quite literally.  What’s next: holographic police officers, speed bumps, dead ends, fires, celebrities, natural disasters? And why use tax dollars to fund a social/psychological experiment on busy public roadways with what amounts to live ammunition?

The ultimate irony here is perhaps that, as reports say, the 3D image is being used on the streets of West Vancouver in an attempt to jolt reckless drivers into reality. What better way to get drivers back “into reality” than by making the roads into a virtual playground where it will become increasingly difficult to tell what’s really there and what’s illusion?

What the BCAA Traffic Safety Foundation fails to consider is what will happen once we grow accustomed to these apparitions and slowly begin to tune them out, as they become part of our usual roadside pattern recognition. Then how safe will our children be…

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