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Australian Nightclubs Refuse Entry to Anyone with ‘Bad Boy Haircuts.’


Time to comb down your blow out and button up…

Australian nightclub owners in Sydney have started a new campaign to increase consumer safety and keep the ‘dickheads’ out by refusing admittance to anyone with a ‘bad attitude’ or, even worse, a ‘bad boy haircut.’ The irony hardly needs to be stated.

Australian News: Nightclub promoter Milos Rsovac, the man behind the signs, said the ban on those sporting such hairstyles was a bid to stop violence

“Everyone’s welcome, but if you come to the door and you’ve got a bad attitude, you’re not allowed in,” he told The Sunday Telegraph.

“And we find that those with bad attitudes tend to have those types of haircuts.”

Besides this little factoid being common knowledge, a problem should arise when these owners realize this describes roughly 98% of night club patrons.

Most perplexing though, are the reported statistics:

A three-storey venue with a capacity of 2100, Home turn[ed] away about 200 patrons on Friday and Saturday nights for intoxication, poor attitude, incorrect dress or sporting an “illegal” haircut.s”It is really in place to deter potential troublemakers from thinking they can come to the club, so they don’t even bother coming to the door in the first place,” Mr Rsovac said.

Can you imagine if such a dress code was implemented in New Jersey?

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