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The United Arab Emirates plans to ban all Blackberry’s.


In a move that would make Kim Jong Il proud, The United Arab Emirates is continuing the process of putting a ban on all BlackBerry communications, which means no messaging, emailing, or web browsing from the any BlackBerry product, including those who are just visiting the UAE.

The ban, which is set to take effect on Oct 11, boasts that the reason excuse for the ban, involves what the UAE contends are features operating outside of their country’s laws, which apparently cause, “judicial, social, and national security concerns.” Although they go on to say it is BlackBerry’s operating system that “cannot be monitored for illegal activity” that bothers the powers that be, many believe it’s a ploy by the UAE government to keep residents from dissenting from country’s views.

Huffington Post: Critics of the crackdown say it is also a way for the country’s conservative government to further control content they deem politically or morally objectionable. The smart phones enjoy a following not only among the region’s professionals, but also among tech-savvy youth who see their relatively secure communication channels as a way to avoid unwanted government attention.

Those using BlackBerry in the UAE, are mostly young professionals and tech-savvy teenagers who enjoy keeping their activities private from their intrusive government on BlackBerry’s secure system. This ploy to cut down on digital debauchery, in the end, will only hurt what places like Dubai are trying to promote, a new technological Shangri-La of sorts. The Bottom line: Fight battles worth fighting. Let the kiddies download their nudies, and the businessmen “sext” their secretary all day; your economy is on the up-and-up, and if you want to keep it that way, embrace the Crack, we mean, BlackBerry.

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