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Steve Kreuscher has now changed his name again…


A Zion, Illinois man is going to biblical proportions to change his name, literally.

Steve Kreuscher, 59, must not really be sure why he keeps changing his name; especially because he cannot keep his answers straight with different media. His primary rationale for the switch was for God. Or maybe it was Jesus, sometimes it was both. Oh, hell, if he doesn’t know, why should we?

I guess we should cut him a break, however, because, who wouldn’t be mixed up going by the Steve, then by “In God We Trust,” and now “One
Nation under God?”  But if he is mixed up now, it’s bound to get even stickier, as he will be continuing the trend of changing his name every two years until his list of seven names in complete.

Huffington Post: Under God isn’t done with name changes, either. In fact, he plans on five more, to be spaced out in two-year intervals.

Up next is Seven Seven Seven, a numeric series of some significance to Christians. What Would Jesus Do and No Cross No Crown are also on the list, as are the more colorful Thermado Zattersof and Angelico Zioneero, according to the Tribune. The Sun-Times gives the latter as

What is most bizarre is that while some people still call him Steve, many oblige his named changing charade. His boss had no problem calling him “In God We Trust,” and Kreuscher anticipates him now switching over to “One Nation under God.”

I’m sure his boss is happy to oblige by dropping the Steve’s previous names from the list; especially when it would result in Steve “In God We Trust One Nation under God Seven Seven Seven What Would Jesus Do No Cross No Crown Thermado Zattersof Angelico Zioneero”  Kreuscher.

Maybe it’s time that Steve puts down the bible and picks up a copy of Romeo and Juliet, hasn’t he ever heard Juliet’s soliloquy “What’s in a name?” He’s still got time. Somebody should be kind enough to loan him their copy, it may save him ten more years of this absurdity.



  1. This guy is a joke… he is selling multiple pieces of art for over 100 million dollars.

    Where in the hell do you get a price that absurd for any piece of art? Apparently you use your loving, humanitarian, earth-saving persona to sucker idiots with a lot of money, into buy your art.

    I guarantee this guy is living lavishly and if he is not then his children will be. Anyone who produces art with those types of prices and sells them should be giving away nearly all the money to the humanitarian based organizations that they claim they stand for. I guarantee this is not the case… instead it’s probably a few mansions, and some sports cars to go with it.

  2. To Whom it may concern,

    I have kept my answers straight, but the sentence between what the two different reporters quoted was not quoted, which would make both different sentences reported from the two different reporters to come together in perfect logic.

    Reporter Ralph Zahorik ( Chicago Tribune ) quoted me saying, ” I do not say the Pledge of allegiance because Christ said to take no oath”. which is correct.
    Reporter Beth Kramer ( Lake County News-Sun ) said, “This is why Under God said he would not say the Pledge of Allegiance.
    “I don’t think we can as a nation, myself included. We don’t have the right to the pledge until abortion is overturned,” Under God said.
    Under God described his name change as a “calling” to return Americans to “One Nation Under God” by overturning the legalization of abortion.
    “Jan. 22, 1973, is the day the nation murdered God,” Under God said.
    That is the date the U.S. Supreme Court decided the case of Roe v. Wade.
    But the sentence that neither reporter put in either paper was the sentence, which I said in between, which was, “And even if I didn’t take Christ’s words so literally as to take no oath, then I still wouldn’t say the pledge of allegiance, because I don’t feel that we as a nation are worthy to say the pledge with “One Nation Under God” in that oath until we overturn the abortion law.
    The following is a quote from a Declaration that I wrote, finished and signed with my new name on the 4Th of July 2010, a month before the name change was approved, along with a counterpart painting that I finished and signed with my new signature the same day; July 4Th 2010, which I titled “The Day America Murdered God”. Both the Declaration and the painting can be viewed at the following two links;



    “……Therefore, we, the governed American Citizens, ask that the inhumane unconstitutional law that went into effect on January 22, 1973, be overturned in the sight of God and in the name of Liberty and Justice for ALL. If that law is not overturned, then we request that the words “God, Liberty and Justice for all”, be taken out of every legal and important American document such as the “Declaration of Independence”, the “Constitution of the United States of America”, the “Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America” and every other government document in American from this day forward. If the great injustice and the great evil done to these precious children in the name of ‘God, Liberty, and Justice for all”, isn’t reversed, then this nation wears such a false face of hypocrisy as never seen before, in the sight of both, God and the whole rest of the world; a false hypocritical face of so called freedom and justice for all in the name of God Almighty, merely covering up the incomprehensible injustice, which we have done to those 52 million precious children by making it legal to viciously destroy them….. ”
    By One Nation Under God
    Most sincerely, One Nation Under God

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