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Mary J Blige hustles 50 000 bottles of her new perfume on HSN in one day.


While you were watching Chelsea Clinton getting married, Mary J Blige was making mad money.

Here’s a dream I keep having- One day while I’m doodling on the table, I’m going to come up with an image that inexplicably is going to transfix the American consciousness.

The image itself wont resemble anything in particular but somehow when you ask me what it all means I will whisper it is everything you ever wanted to be and because I am famous and the honey suckle that makes you smile you too will dig deep into your pocket and find $55 to instantly mail to me…

Styleite: WWD tracked the sales of the perfume and tweeted around 11:35 pm that she’d reached 50,000 bottles. It’s a stunning feat of salesmanship and marketing when you consider the stuff was sold on TV and online. While most celebrity fragrances are sold a beauty department counters where buyers can smell the perfume and walk around in it before committing to a purchase, all Blige could do was say what it smells like.

RTT News had this description from the singer: “It’s all a reflection of my personality. Me and a lot of my fans want to smell soft and a little fruity — but not too fruity with bees chasing us around — and also strong and beautiful … It’s all there.”

Isn’t it divine that America is so openly intoxicated? If only we could all be icons…

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