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Wass Stevens wants to tell you he’s the new face for Wodka Vodka.


Anyone fancy a drink?

It’s finally come to this. The man solely responsible for keeping the city clean of unwanted guests and the hoi poili is now Wodka’s new face.

According to Guest of Guest Wass Stevens has become the new look for Wodka Vodka which admittedly has us wondering not because Wass isn’t hunky gorgeous (he is right?) but more because the man commonly known for his associations for the uber class has his face adorning the contents of a bottle that catch this retails for $11.99 a liter (we do love the 99 cents bit…) across the Times Square skyline.

Which means from now on next time Wass turns your scrawny asses away at the door you can take a taxi ride up to Times Square, cork open your personal bottle of Wodka Vodka and silently seethe until morning come with Wass laughing back at you.

Hmm? Shouldn’t you be drinking be Wodka Vodka this summer?

Congratulations Mr Stevens, we’ll be sure to savor (get drunk on) every drop…oh dear.

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