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The Hasselhoff reality show is on its way.


A&E, home of the Gene Simmon’s reality show, Family Jewels, is now set to follow another family train wreck— the Hasselhoffs. The cable channel has ordered ten half-hour episodes of the not-yet-titled, soon-to-be catastrophe, in which David, and his daughters Hayley and Taylor Ann are out to “set the record straight” about the tabloid rumors plaguing their family.

The premise of the show is David “Let Me Eat my Cheeseburger” Hasselhoff overseeing the music careers of his two daughters, Hayley, 17, and Taylor Ann, 20. A show which, we can only imagine, will result in a less interesting and attractive, if it could get any less interesting or attractive, version of what we would see from Joe Simpson and his blonde brood.

PopEater: Hayley insists her family doesn’t need to justify their lives to anyone but hopes the show will give fans insight to the real dynamic that rules the Hasselhoff household. “We’re all so close to each other. It’s really amazing. They’re the first people I call about anything,” she adds.

Fans? What fans does the Hasselhoff family have? David’s reality TV career peaked at his cheeseburger hungry, drunk on-the-floor stupor; taped by none other than Taylor Ann herself. Watching that over and over for a half hour each week has to be considerably more enthralling and poignant than anything A&E has got to offer for the season.

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