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Love parade in Germany kills 17.


The panic stampede that took hold.

It’s an irony that’s not noticed. Hundreds of thousand devout club fellows turn up to Western Germany’s Duisburg’s fields to dance away together only to have some of their fellow attendees die together.

News.com.au A STAMPEDE inside a tunnel crowded with techno music fans left 17 people dead and 80 injured at the famed Love Parade festival in western Germany on Saturday.

Other revellers initially kept partying at the event in Duisburg, near Duesseldorf, unaware of the deadly panic that started when police tried to prevent thousands more from entering the already-jammed parade grounds.

Authorities were still trying to determine exactly what happened at the event, which drew hundreds of thousands of people, but the situation was “very chaotic”, police commissioner Juergen Kieskemper said.Emergency workers had trouble getting to the victims in the wide, 500-600 metre long tunnel that led to the grounds.

The area was a hectic scene, with bodies lying on the ground as rescue workers rushed to aid them. Many of the injured were loaded into Red Cross vans and driven away.

How much folly do you need to see before you exercise some rational thinking. So much for the crowd control that suddenly turned into crowd panic.

Video below.

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