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Ladies- isn’t it time you started using the ‘kush’ between your breasts while you sleep?


The things they are inventing now.

Here’s a new invention that we couldn’t resist bringing to your attention. Apparently it’s called the ‘kush’ and it’s suppose to help keep your breasts nice and perky while you go to sleep. Any takers?

Inventorspot: This health and beauty gadget is mainly just for the women, although I am sure the guys won’t mind investigating this product as well.  The Kush is a device made to support the breasts during sleep.  Larger breasted women often have problems with the extra weight of the breasts putting strain on their bodies, particularly in the neck, back and shoulders.

Yes, it’s a device meant for women, but something tells us a lot of men are going to want to use this contraption too, which says a lot since men don’t have breasts. Then again, judging by the look of the ‘kush,’ it may also end up being used by women for ‘other’ purposes too. If you catch our drift.

The Kush, shouldn’t you be rushing to the store to buy one soon?

Source: Jezebel

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