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Jan Schill does not want you to vote for her dad- John Mantooth.


Jan Schill doesn’t think her father should hold a judiciary seat in Oklahoma, and she is doing everything she can to spread the word. Schill, 31, took out quarter page newspaper ads in his home town, featuring pictures of the her family, cases in which her father, John Mantooth, has been sued, and other irrelevant ramblings; as well as a website called, surprise surprise, “Don’t Vote for My Dad.”

Huffington Post: “We just felt like it would be bad if he were to become a judge,” Schill said in a telephone interview from her home in Durango, Colo. “I assumed that he would not appreciate it, but he’s made so many people mad, I’m just another mark on his board of people’s he’s had a beef with.”

Thank God Jan is letting Oklahoman’s know that Mantooth has “made people mad,” residents may have actually voted for him!

The only interesting twist? Mantooth has asserted that he believes his daughter’s ploy against him stems from the fact that Schill’s husband was law partners with Mantooth’s opponent, Greg Dixon, in Tuesday’s primary. Now that’s a political scandal.

Anyone ready for a new reality show, probably one involving a therapist, in which people we don’t know or care about teach us why we don’t know and don’t care about them?  It will begin with a therapy session in which Jan tears up and blames her father for whatever nicknames small children could have made up from the Jan Mantooth, and end with their reconciliation, followed by John Mantooth’s bid for President.

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