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Tiger Woods: You are NOT the Father!


Tiger Woods just cant catch a break, but that’s probably because he sets himself up for failure. In between losing his wife and career he’s actually gained something…another child?

E! News reports that porn star, mistress aka slut Devon James, real name Melinda Brinling-Caso, is claiming that Mr. Woods is the baby daddy to her 9-year-old son.

Is this not a case of an idiot trying to catch her 15 minutes of fame. Even her own mother, Sandra Brinling, doesn’t believe her story; in fact she told E! News that her daughter is a “pathological liar.” Damn, how it must suck for your own mother to not be on your side.

Supposedly James’s husband helped her create this lame story so they could get money out of Tiger. By the way, I’m pregnant with Tiger’s baby too.

“[James is] only out to lie, steal and cheat. All she is looking for is to get money from him. When Austin was born, Melinda lived with us and at the time she was married…not to the father, because the father was in prison. She would drop Austin off for three, six, nine months at a time without even coming to visit him. We’ve had Austin for 90 percent of his life. I have adopted her son.”

And the truth unfolds. I guess we shouldn’t expect Devon, Melinda or whatever the hell her name is to hire Gloria Allred for this case.

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