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Melbourne gunman terrorizing locals.


How to catch a gunman before it’s too late.

19-year-old David Paul Rowntree is giving local Australians the scare of their lifetime…

News.com.au:The suspect, who has a history of violent behaviour, was last seen brazenly carrying a shotgun as he walked across the footbridge between the Rod Laver Arena and the MCG at 9.40am today.

He had abandoned a stolen VZ SS blue Commodore outside Hisense Arena after a dramatic high-speed chase along the Monash Fwy this morning during which a police car was allegedly rammed.

It is understood that the drama began when shots were fired at police near the suburb of Nunawading following an armed robbery in the Balwyn area at 3am this morning.

It sounds like a movie you probably once saw on TV. But unlike the movie, the bullets, the gun, the car chase and the demolished car are all real. Which is what makes this all the more enthralling and terrifying too…

Police have warned the public not to approach the Mr Rowntree under any circumstances.Mr Rowntree is reported to be wearing a dark jacket with a red or orange t-shirt underneath and silver tracksuit pants, police said.  He is considered highly dangerous and people are warned not to approach him.

Supt Rod Wilson, who is in charge of the investigation, advised residents in the area to remain inside unless they had a good reason to leave.

To be honest no one is leaving this drama. Everyone is glued to the TV, waiting, anticipating the next series of actions. Anticipating what a 19 year old thrill seeker will do next, as the world looks on too. Virtual reality has become bigger than actual reality…

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