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Jonathan Metz hacks his arm off.

Basement blues.

You can be your own doctor too!

Jonathan Metz was repairing his furnace in his basement in Connecticut when he got his arm caught underneath. He had no idea what to do, he could not lift it up, and no one was around to help… he was quite literally stuck. Then finally, after being alone and going in and out of consciousness in his basement for two days, his arm began to smell and reach a “gangrenous state”.

What do you do then, you might ask? Well Dr. Metz had the (unsavory) solution…Cut your arm off at the shoulder with whatever tools you can find at your disposal, never mind the preferred potion of pain killers that you might hope for in an ideal world.

Police and firefighters finally showed up to the house when a friend, concerned after Metz failed to appear at a softball game, called them.

The tools themselves were not mentioned but whatever was used was almost successful in completing the amputation. All that was left for officials to cut was some fat here and there. One of the doctors at the scene, Dr. Scott Ellner, told the local paper and CNN that, “It was the right thing to do. This man saved his own life. His arm was dying and once that happens, you release toxins and he did mention the smell so he knew something wasn’t right.”

From now on when you are in a dire situation and do not know whether you are able to cut your own limb off. Think WWJD. What Would Jonathan Do?

Sources gawker.com

Basement blues.

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  • Nicole

    Not really sure… but why this is so “insensitive?” It is straight up reporting facts…1. His arm was stuck, and he was alone…2. For a couple of days…3. Began to smell, which is cause for concern…4. He is a G-D doctor, so he knew what to do, which was to cut it off.

    Reporting facts and writing a story isn’t always pretty…

  • Anonymous

    Not really sure why this was so “insensitive?” Pretty standard reporting…just the facts. It doesn’t always have to be pretty reporting.

  • Peter Westwood

    I’ll take that. Insensitive adult – The Writer

  • Technically- it was written by an insensitive adult.- The Editor.

  • Joe Smith

    This was either written by a child or an insensitive adult.