Home Nightlife Internet Week Launches with Cobra Starship at Ford Motors.

Internet Week Launches with Cobra Starship at Ford Motors.



If there is one thing a paparazzo such as myself will tell you- he can’t stand loud noises, loud noises of people shrieking when celebrities pass them, loud noises when rock stars look you in the eye, loud noises when you decide to decide to tell me your story. Of course last night was an exception, because there on the roof of the Ford Motor showroom where a 1000 of you all screaming at the same time and all I could do was smile and get busy on my vodka something. Who was the cause of all the ruckus you may wonder?- Some bratty photogenic band that actually play good music by the name of Cobra Starship.

Who also was there was ANA ORTIZ, MARK INDELICATO,MISS USA RIMA FAKIH, DABNEY MORTIMER,PAUL JOHNSON CALDERON, SAMANTHA SWETRA, AND THE MISSHAPES,– not that I actually got to speak to them because they were too busy partying it up in the VIP section and since I’ve decided that I am over VIP sections I did something entirely unusual even by my own standards- which was get to hang out with all the regular guests as we all bopped to Cobra Starship.

In the end it was a delightful way to bond with my fellow New Yorkers, meet a young man who insisted I give him my autograph (obviously a drunk I should say…) get to exchange pleasantries with Paul Johnson Calderon (who always seems to run away whenever he sees me- God knows why?) and catch up with my old pal Wass Stevens guarding the door below who also has a habit of avoiding me whenever I turn up. Ahh, the life of a paparazzo. It was a wonderful start to Internet Week, let’s hope Ford let me take their little spunky Fiesta out for a spin one day…

Miss USA Rima Fakih.