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Disgraced trader wants you to know he’s found Jesus.


When you can’t keep the keys to the Ferrari there’s always Jesus.

Steven Mandala had a brilliant idea. In order to buy that yellow Ferrari he’d been dreaming about since he first saw Don Jonson of Miami Vice riding his chasing crooks he would go and apply to Merrill Lynch and make himself a packet of money. A reasonable idea no doubt assuming if you’re talented and lucky enough. But Steven wasn’t taking any chances. What chances did he take after all you wonder? Let’s find all find out…

Mandala had tricked the Wall Street giant into giving him a whopping $780,000 hiring advance last year — promptly blowing a quarter-mil on a new Ferrari — by claiming he made $760,000 a year and managed $300 million in client assets as a “partner” at his previous firm, Maxim Group.

None of it was true — except that he had worked at Maxim, as a $100,000-a-year mediocrity.

Is that like me pretending I used to be the CEO of a multi national food chain when in fact the multinational I was running was called Steven’s 2 for 1 falafel stand?

“He’s been humbled, and he has found Jesus,” defense lawyer Frank Rothman said after Mandala was led out of Manhattan Supreme Court to begin serving a two-year sentence for grand larceny for bamboozling Merrill Lynch.

One day when Steven makes it to heaven Jesus will be waiting for him with the keys to his repossessed Ferrari…

Source: NY Post

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