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China now forbids its soldiers from going on line to find love.


All the lonely soldiers in China are getting blisters on their right hand.

Such are the times these days as the Chinese government continues its push to limit its citizens to get online and observe the happenings of the world. And one part of the world that has now been taken away from many a lonely Chinese soldier has been their ability to look for love online.

CNN:Officers of China’s People’s Liberation Army are studying how to help their troops look for love following a new regulation that bans soldiers from looking for partners over the internet, China Military Online, the PLA’s online English newspaper, reported Monday.

Not a very pleasant conundrum no doubt and as one could imagine there must be a lot of soldiers walking around with blisters on their hands…never mind the lonely hearts.

The ban, which came into effect June 15, prevents Chinese servicemen from creating personal websites or blogging in fear that confidential  information would be leaked, posing a security threat.

“It means soldiers cannot [set up] blogs on the internet [whether] he or she does it in the capacity of a soldier or not,” said Wan Long, the  “political commissar” of a regiment in the Guangzhou military area command, who was quoted by the PLA’s newspaper.

To be sure it promises to be a very dreary summer. Surely that said there must be solutions on the horizon. After all what good is a pent up army?

If history is a guide- a very good soldier. Ahh to be a soldier, shouldn’t you be signing up with the Chinese army soon too?