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Tyra Banks Puts Her Name on another Piece of Trash.


For some odd reason Tyra Banks hasn’t received the memo that we’d really love her to jump off the face of the Earth or at least go into hiding, because she’s put her washed up name on yet another project; a novel. But this isn’t just any crappy book that will find it’s way on too many bookshelves near you, it’s a fantasy read titled Modelland.

The ex-supermodel/soon to be ex-talk show host described her novel saying, “It’s for all the girls and guys who want a lot more FANTASY in their lives…and some fierceness and magic, romance and mystery, crazy and wild adventures, and yeah, some danger too.”

Who the hell does Tyra think she’s talking to, a bunch of dumb ass 5-year-olds that can’t read between the lines and notice a piece of crap when they hear it. How is a book, a good book anyway, going to involve all those concepts. Obviously this woman doesn’t read much because what genre will this novel be displayed under? Knowing Tyra she wants her big face splattered over the entire bookstore because she’s such an attention whore.

She continued describing Modelland, or Model Land, saying “my novel takes you to a fantastical place you’ve never seen…Where dreams come true and life can change in the blink of a smoky eye.”

So Modelland is sort of a Harry Potter meets America’s Next Top Model? Gosh, I can already see this in the clearance section already.

Source: People

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