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Today thousands of Brits will be forced to read a book for a change.

'But what book are we to read?'

'But what book are we to read?'

On Friday May 14th, 400,000 homes in southern England were left in the dark. The light of their lives known as the tele was ripped from their hands about 2pm when a fire broke out in a transmitter tower, squashing all hopes of afternoon/evening entertainment. What does one do without access to the most important invention of the past century?

Here are some suggestions:

1/ Reading: a book or two tends to be good for the brain, whatever that means.

2/ Walking: a li’l jaunt around the neighborhood could be beneficial; apparently, since exercise never hurt anyone, if you exclude Evil Knievel who used exercise as an excuse to jump over burning buses on a used scooter.

3/ Volunteering: helping mankind is good for the soul…what? Oh, service is restored? Okay, back to your caves, everyone, quick! Before you miss a re-run of a show you’ve already seen five times because it reminds you of sweet nothingness.

4/ Talk to another human being. Today might be the day in a long time for a certain amount of people to look at each other in the face and try to say something meaningful to each other. They will of course fail, but they will somehow be inspired momentarily.

5/ Come to terms with oneself. Today might also be a good day to kill yourself or simply admit that you are a failed human specimen, but once that awful feeling passes you will quickly run out the street and hope that the electricity is now back and running.


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  • Uncle B

    Brits face same energy crises as Americans – sadly modern society leaves mankind defenseless grubs at the mercy of circumstance once unplugged or facing liquid fuel shortages! We are so weakened by our dependencies! Our ancestors were more self-sufficient. We can be very self sufficient, modern technologies allow for this – we choose dependency, and in economic downswings we will regret this. LED lighting schemes, new gardening knowledge, super-insulation for energy conservation, Solar, Wind, Wave, Hydro, Tidal, Geothermal, and Nuclear are all diversification’s from foreign liquid energy. Americans insist on building McMansions – reasonable sized homes, super-insulated, designed for self sufficiency a better goal. Nuclear/electric power sourced electric bullet train networks beat out oil dependent cars, but cars persist! folks fear change? We are cocooned in an artificial and unreliable energy shield and we are totally dependent on it for our very survival. We have become very vulnerable in this modern age.