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The new Williamsburg is now a quaint suburb in upstate NY.


Trying to find cool and relocate it.

I don’t know about you lot, but I live in Williamsburg, Brooklyn and to be frank I’m quite afraid these days to venture out the door- between cowboy hipsters riding their uni cycles, their Mid Western girlfriends chain smoking and drinking their $4.50 cafe lattes (which after the obligatory tip ends up being $18) and the outwest Cowboy shoot them up and lets get drunk I’m wondering if there is got to be a better spot for creatives types like me where we can be left alone, allowed to spit at passer bys with no retribution and settle into a dusty organic barn amongst other like minded souls as we barely acknowledge each other and live our supposed wonderful lives. Well rest assure according to Guest of a Guest there now is- it’s called Rosendale- that charming town that used to make do as a cement factory town (just the way every hipster secretly wants it).

According to GoG the following wonderful charming things are likely to happen to you (if you are cool enough).

Run into indie celebrities- Indie Celebrities: Maggie Gyllenhaal had lunch at Market Market. She probably breastfed there too.

Spent wonderful afternoons with unread newspapers strewn by your feet while you munch on eclectic food (is that a code word for rye bread and water?)- Mellow Neighborhood Bars with Free, Unread Newspapers Scattered Around: Market Market is a “café and nightclub on the edge of town with an eclectic menu and a distinctly Brooklyn feel.

Be able at last to live in your giant loft for the same price you currently pay with 16 other room mates: Cheap Rents: A Williamsburg refugee named Frederic Arnold pays just $700/month for a studio off Main Street.

And of course gloat in the legacy that you will be there amongst the creative legends of yester year as the tumble weeds make out with your ankles.

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