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Shoppers walked around and over dead man for hours.


Who cares about your neighbor when you have a sale to catch?

In a sign perhaps of our alienating times, shoppers in Manchester, England literally left a man for dead as they hustled and bustled around him in the local shopping mall.

The Daily Mirror UK has more:

Shoppers walked past a dying man as he lay helpless on the pavement.

The man, in his 50s, was slumped outside a busy row of shops in Eastfield Road, Peterborough, for nearly two hours before someone finally came to his aid.

A passer-by eventually dialled 999 after approaching the man to see if he needed help.

Good Samaritan Tony Poll said he felt disgusted that the man had been left there for so long and blasted shoppers for having ‘no regard for human life’.

No regard for human life or just too much regard for what was on sale or better still a disregard for the local perceived drunk or druggie strumming it once again on the street…

Mr Poll said: ‘Even as I stopped to help, people were saying leave him he is just drunk, but I thought I have seen drunk people before and this man is in trouble.’

When he got closer he noticed the man’s face was discoloured and he was not breathing. He immediately alerted emergency services.

Which implies if you are a druggie or a drunk you wont get too much public sympathy and if you’re halfway dead you still wont get much public sympathy unless of course you can convince passer bys while you are dying that you really aren’t drunk or high and maybe then someone might come to your aid.

Source: UK Daily Mail.

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