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Nylon Mag: Looking for Mr.Goodbar…

Photography by Peter Ruprecht.

It’s a common scene for those of you in the know and we assure you says the crazy girl tossing her blonde tasselsTalia Eisenberg “we are in the know.” Of course that doesn’t excuse the fact that there are nine of us squeezed somewhere between glamour, perpetuity, immortality and the confined constructs of a shiny black SUV hurtling at ninety miles an hour. Life is fast, except ours is probably much faster… 

As we look out the shiny windows one is immediately seduced by the prancing debutantes, the glitter falling and swaying around you and the hurried sashay of the noblemen who aim to become the next hottest thing. Such it seems are the affairs of a kindred society, in some circles they call them the ‘jet set,’ in this SUV we call them the ‘live and let live larger set.’ If for one second the car steers out of control and kills us all there will surely be a general outcry and a sudden outpouring of grief for all the dead artists, writers, socialites, artists, gallery dealers, ideologues and well cheek boned set. It is unlikely to happen but Talia wants us to drive faster anyway. The fact is we are in need of Mr. Goodbar and we must get there at any cost, as long as the camera flash hides all our collective blemishes…

img_7642 Dominique, Talia and Christina.

Finally stationed and walking a dizzy quarter mile looking for Mr. Goodbar all sorts of thoughts begin to go through our collective mind. Are we really that glam, are we going to find the right next party, whatever happened to those promised evenings in and why did we all have to be so talented and restless?Then again why does the whole of NY have to be so restless and talented? In any event the agony might only go away if we come across Mr. Goodbar.

Like a mirage in a Saudi desert we come across a group of well heeled glitterati, floating beverages and the combustible osmosis of Marlboro Lights reaching towards heaven.  Preening, flirting and kissing the Amazon door girl we are given entry into what we hope is Mr. Goodbar.

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Talia and Scallywag.