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Rock 4 the Cause.


A Cause 4 Celebration, a nonprofit that fundraises for organizations that aid children with cancer, put on a killer party at Hiro Ballroom to support Hope for Henry. I’d say it was a classy affair if the word classy still meant anything.

Hope for Henry was a deserving choice for a charity recipient. The organization works to improve the quality of life for extremely ill children by providing them with entertainment, electronics, and birthday parties. One of the most touching parts of the evening came when a representative of the charity told the crowd that every single one of us had donated enough money with our entrance ticket to throw a birthday party for a sick child. “Awww,” went the audience.

It was clear to me that this was one of those events thrown by a capable,  driven, and well-connected PR person, because even though the average attendee was happy to listen to the speeches about the event, most seemed disconnected from the cause. It was a young crowd, with women likely to be in a tight Herve Leger or Jill Stuart dress. Men were the type that would have flaunted their position as a new Goldman Sachs hire in the days when that wasn’t yet embarrassing.

Over the last three years A Cause for Celebration has raised over $75,000 for organizations that help children with cancer. Donors can be confident that this charity is truly invested in its cause; founder Michael Russell is a cancer survivor himself.