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Party time! How concerned was Lilo about getting herself back to the US?

Hey guys! I think I Just realized where I left my passport!

Being Lilo is hard work, for starters there’s all that media attention that never goes away, there’s all those cactus trees she has to watch out for when she falls to the ground in her occasional drunken bouts and then there was that awful court date involving some inconvenient thing about driving under the influence that some crazy people back in California wanted her to attend. Of course Lilo mulled all her choices, beg for a private plane to get her home on time, look for her ‘stolen’ passport under a broken beer bottle, call the cokie dealer for another baggie or just admit that being a public fugitive is going to be the hottest mess that she’s ever had in her life. Of course Lilo chose the latter and while she was choosing the later she was also wildly flinging her arms to ABBA’s “Mamma Mia.”

One day when Lilo is safely locked away in a padded cell she will fondly remember how for a period she had the world aching to see pictures of her becoming the next American dream boat.

Source: TMZ

Lilo is now officially going to jail.»

Will Lilo make it to court tomorrow?»

Lilo gets to play her dream role – Linda ‘porno’ Lovelace.

Hooray!- Lilo is finally going to the clinker.

Have you seen my passport? I think it's undet those big shades of yours hon'
C'mon guys- please help me find my passport!
Hey guys! I think I just realized where I left my passport!
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