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Nick Madson mistakenly thinks he’s Patton Oswalt.


With some comediennes, the joke is on them;

It’s time to meet wannabe comedian Nick Madson (of who’s into the habit of making people laugh using other people’s jokes. A sin not. Well not until you deny it, write a letter of apology to the artist (in this instance Patton Oswald), defend yourself by saying the children in Somalia needed to be cheered up only to do it all over again the following week.

As a stand-up comedian it’s a cardinal rule to not steal any comedian’s jokes, just as it’s equally inappropriate to be Ashley Simpson and think your a singer when in fact you are just a scantily clad, meretricious trollop in front of a piece of equipment typically used for actual singing.

As if stealing the bit outright wasn’t execrable enough, Nick Madson performed Patton Oswalt’s amazing routine with such torpor and sheer amateurishness that it sounded like a 6th grader poorly reading the works of Twain, Wilde, and Swift all in one.

We live in a “now” lottery winning reality TV star society that demands instant gratification and immediate results, whilst overlooking the time-tested skills and proven talents that were once a necessary requirement for fame and fortune. Much to the chagrin of totally unfunny and unoriginal Nick Madson,  we also live in a voyeuristic world where the camera is always running and the Internet never goes to sleep. Trust us Nick, we wont  wont be stealing your act anytime soon.

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